Tuesday, November 3, 2015

First Post!!

Hola! Hola! since I'm all about the intro let me speak on who I am. I'm E'Yanna, pronounce the E in my name not I not A but E. I am a born and raised southerner. NC is my state and I do love it so much. I am African & Native American for those who want to know which native, it's Cherokee and Lumbee. Yes Lumbee is a real Native-American tribe, they are not nationally recognized but are working on changing it. I'm the wonderful age of 17 my birthday is three days after Christmas.

 My love of fashion started at a young age when I stated cutting up clothing and sewing them back together to make something new. My fashion is basically a refection of my personality and yes sometimes I do like to appear to the geographical stats of fashion but others I just follow what my heart may desire, hopefully you do too and say " F you society "

But thanks for actually taking the time and looking at my blog please comment if you want me to look into something or just want to talk I'm all for new friends.

                                                   ~~~ Yanna :)